Change Minecraft server slots

Has your server ever ran out of player slots?

Here at AccurateNode we don't limit you by player slots.

It's a service you pay for therefore you should not be limited by how many friends you want on your server.


In order to change the maximum player slots, follow these simple steps:


  • Go to game panel and click on the desired server.
  • Select the desired server and on the left-hand side click on File Management.
  • From there click on a file named


If you have done it right, you should see a file editor open up that looks something like this:

Click me!


From there, there are just a couple more steps

  • Find the max-players line (usually 23) and set its value however you like.
  • Then click on the green Save File button in the bottom left corner.
  • Finally go to the server console and click on the restart button.
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