KVM stock

KVM VPS stock has been replenished!

17th Nov 2020
DAL-KVM-02 Maintenance

DAL-KVM-02 will undergo a smaller maintenance job in the near future.This will affect all customers with IPs starting with 185.227.xxx.xx . It will take place on 06/20/2020 at 05:00AM (GMT-5) and will take about 1 hour.This maintenance job will do the following:- Improve overall disk IO performance,- improve overall system stability,- improve ... Read More »

19th Jun 2020
KVM stock

DAL-KVM-01 just got a massive upgrade.

All VPS plans are back in stock.

14th Apr 2020
Gift cards

You can now purchase gift cards. For now there are only four of them available for purchase:   - $5.00 USD - $10.00 USD - $15.00 USD - $20.00 USD   All of the above gift cards hold the same value as their price. Gift cards can not be refunded or withdrawn to any form other than client credit.   If you feel like we're missing ... Read More »

28th Dec 2019
Game hosting orders

Upon ordering you can now:   - pick Java version, - select a modpack, - use a server name.   In addition to that we have made minor infrastructure upgrades. This will mostly show in better and faster DDoS attack detection.   There was also a minor update to terms of service. You can read it here: https://accuratenode.com/tos   VPS ... Read More »

26th Dec 2019
KVM VPS plans

We're proud to announce that we now:

- Have full IPv6 support - request a subnet via ticket.

- Have baseline VPS (KVM) plans up and running.

- Have a dedicated server management panel.


Kind regards.

16th Nov 2019
Incorrect game panel DDoS protection

Hello. We've recently discovered a minor bug where our game panel doesn't properly update DDoS protection values. This bug only impacts some game servers on our US location. Additional DDoS is being applied, but the panel doesn't receive an update to update stored information.   In case you are conserned about how this might affect your ... Read More »

26th Jul 2019
EU game hosting

Hello. EU based game hosting is now available. Hosted on a Intel Core i7 7700 and a NVMe SSD disk.

1st May 2019
Affiliates now open

Hello.   We would like to announce that we now offer commisions. Our affiliate system gives you 20% of each purchase someone you refered makes. The funds can be withdrawn at $5 USD, but they can only be used to cover for the services and cannot be withdrawn to a PayPal account. If you have any other questions feel free to open a ticket. Read More »

12th Jan 2019

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